Diane Huth, MA, MBA

The Accidental Career Coach

The world of work has changed forever.

Even before Covid-19 turned our lives upside down, the job market had shifted dramatically.

It became Global. Online. Impersonal. Ultracompetitive.  Unresponsive.
Dominated by computer algorithms without personal interaction.  A black hole.

But there is a way to find and land your dream job, faster and easier than you imagined possible.

And I'm here to help you on that journey.
Let me help you on your journey to career success

Whatever your employment situation, I can help.
I'm Diane Huth, The Accidental Career Coach.
I look forward to helping YOU land your DREAM JOB.
I'm a brand marketing guru, an Amazon award-winning author of multiple career guides, a university professor of marketing and career development.  And I'm a career coach dedicated to helping YOU achieve career success.

HARNESS personal branding TO BUILD YOUR career success
i literally wrote the book on job search success - two of them, in fact!
you are a brand
The best way to find and land your dream job is to create a strong personal brand that will make you stand head and shoulders above the competition.  

Think of yourself like a brand or product, and use the marketing techniques that marketers employ to showcase and promote their leading brands to reach your true potential.

Building your brand is a process, and I will walk you step-by-step through that process to achieve your personal and professional goals.  
your job search starts with a POWERFUL resume 
It takes an average of 1 month per every $10,000 of desired salary to find that dream job. That's why the typical job search takes 43 weeks to land a new job offer, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

Can you wait that long to find YOUR new job?

 Let me help you jumpstart your career with a powerful new Above The Fold Resume and a matching LinkedIn page that will drive recruiters to call you!
Learn the different skills TO LAND YOUR DREAM JOB NOW

I've recently created a series of 8 different online courses to help you master each of the skills you need to find and land your dream job.

They walk you step-by-step up the ladder of career success.

Check out each of my powerful online training programs to master key job search skills.  They can make a huge difference in your career.

Each program provides a wealth of information in a comprehensive online video course, which comes with an eBook, videos, tools, templates, cheat sheets and other resources to help you master the skills you need to succeed.

The master class delivers all the needed training in 1 place

While each individual course is powerful and informative, for some people, individual courses are NOT ENOUGH.

You have to learn an entire SYSTEM of interrelated skills, resources and tools.  Ones that BUILD upon each other.

Ones that will walk you STEP-BY-STEP up the ladder of career success.

And you can't miss any one of the critical steps or learning. If you do, you will fail at your job search.

And you won't land that great new job that you deserve.

So I combined all 8 training programs into a simple step-by-step masterclass to help you learn and hone your job search skills.  

And I even added a new section to learn to navigate the job search market today.

This masterclass will lead you up the ladder of job search skills mastery, one step at a time.

You deserve to disaster-proof your career and your finances!

 Find out more about this unique job skills master masterclass here:  

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Watch My On-demand Resume Writing Workshop
  I've created a 1-hour workshop that will teach you everything you need to understand the dramatic changes in the job search market today, how the online job application process has changed, and how to create your own powerful Above The Fold Resume.  Click now to watch this valuable training that will change your job search forever.
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