Shift-proof Your Career With Advanced Training

College students, recent grads, mid-career movers and shakers, and experienced professionals alike all need to master the many secrets and skills of personal branding and job search success.  ​

SHIFT happens.  And the job search market has undergone a dramatic shift – whether you are transitioning from college to career, preparing to change jobs for career advancement, or refreshing your skills after decades working  in the market.​

SHIFT you’ve got to deal with includes:​

  1. The Employment Market has shifted​
  2.  Hiring Managers have shifted ​
  3. Your Identity has shifted​
  4. Your Profile has shifted​

To guide you through this shifting marketplace, we offer intensive BRAND YOU! Bootcamps to help you hone your personal branding skills to jumpstart your career.​

Bootcamps can be experienced live at colleges and group meetings around the country.  We can also host a custom group training session at your location.​

And we hold online webinars and guided learning experiences, Skype group calls and mentoring sessions, one-on-one consultation, and more.  All this can help you jumpstart your job search and shift-proof your career.​

Live sessions are available in San Antonio TX weekly, in different markets throughout the year, and on weekly webinars.

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