Open the Door with a Broadcast Letter Instead of a Résumé

Open the Door with a Broadcast Letter Instead of a Résumé

When cold calling a prospective employer, almost everyone sends a résumé with a cover letter. According to my mentor and career search expert Brook Carey, you can stand out and engage more if you initially use a Broadcast Letter instead of a résumé.

What is a Broadcast Letter?

This is a marketing piece, a teaser to solicit interest and start a dialogue. It’s in a narrative format, not a bullet format, which basically says:

  • This is what type of work I’m looking for
  • These are some reasons why you should hire me
  • This is what I think I can accomplish when I work for you
  • I’d like to come in and talk to you or send you a résumé

If a hiring manager or recruiter likes what she sees, she will ask you to send a résumé with more details. This allows you to establish a dialogue where you are talking with each other.

If you send a résumé as your initial contact, they can say, “I’ve reviewed your résumé, thanks, we’ll call if we are interested in the future.” You’re shut down. There is nothing to talk about in a follow up conversation without appearing desperate.

The Broadcast Letter gives them something to respond to if they are interested, a next step. It gives you an opportunity to engage with your prospective employer, and when you do meet, you will be ready to wow them!

Look for ways to start a dialogue with potential employers, so they can’t say, “Thanks, we have your résumé, we’ll call when we need someone like you.” A broadcast letter is one way to accomplish that if you do go the cold calling route.

Broadcast Letter Example

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