Mistakes Job Seekers Make

Mistakes Job Seekers Make

Will you avoid the 5 Biggest Mistakes Job Seekers Make?  
We all want a great job, but many times we sabotage our wishes and desires by easy-to-fix mistakes or omissions.  I know; I have made many of them in the past myself. Here are the the 5 most common mistakes I find when people make when trying to find a great new job.

Mistake # 1 – Poor or Non-existent LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn is the number 1 resource for job hunters today, and more than 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find and screen potential employees before an initial contact.  I actually recommend that you create your LinkedIn page BEFORE you build your resume, as their step-by-step program will make sure you have all information in the right reverse-chronological order, and you don’t miss any key sections.

Mistake # 2 – A Resume with Typos or Poor Formatting

Recruiters expect your job search materials like your resume and cover letter to be perfect, so a SINGLE typo, instance of poor grammar, or incorrect word use may cause your resume to be immediately discarded.  After all, if you don’t show the attention to detail for something as important as your resume, why would an employer trust you with his business?

Mistake # 3 – Lack of Networking

Half of all jobs today are obtained through networking, with the employer hiring someone he knows or who is referred to him.  So you are automatically missing out on half of all jobs by not joining and getting involved in your professional trade associations, where you can showcase yourself and talents to others in your industry – including your future boss who might be sitting next to you at a networking luncheon!

Mistake # 4 – Failing to Have Your Elevator Pitch Ready and Memorized

Your Elevator Pitch is a short 30-second presentation that explains who you are and what you can do for someone else, and it’s a key component of your career success toolkit.  You need to carefully craft the 4 key sections of your Elevator Pitch, and then practice it so it rolls off your tongue automatically when you meet someone new – especially if that someone is important in your career search and advancement.

Mistake # 5 – Not Researching the Company Before an Interview

Many talented job seekers who make it through the online job search gauntlet wash out during the interview, if they don’t take the time to carefully research the company and industry.  That means an investment of at least 4 to 8 hours of research to learn about the people you will be meeting, the state of the company and their key initiatives, challenges, products and programs that will allow you to ask SMART questions to identify and address their pain points.  With the right research, you can discuss the company and your future role as a peer with deep insights into the challenges at hand – making you stand head and shoulders above other candidates.

Knowing these 5 common mistakes and how to avoid them will surely change the way you look at your job search.  Some quick tweaks will make all the difference in the world to make you the sought-after job candidate.

After all, if finding your dream job were that easy, everyone would be happily employed and earning a great salary!

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