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  • I’m a 47 year old professional graphic artist and author. In this day of a constant flood of data, it is important to stand out and have every advantage of being unforgettable. Diane Huth’s BRAND YOU! is exactly the guide the budding professional needs to plan, organize and change their life.

    Steve Valdez Author of Quinceañera Planner, Debut of the Princess
  • An amazing read. As a marketing student, I found the book to be very practical. The whole way through you’re engaged. I can see why Diane Huth is so successful.

    Amanda Conner Marketing Student, Shift Leader at Cracker Barrel
  • Must have for the Job Seeking process! Young, old, or in between, if you are looking for a new position, this easy to absorb material will make your life easier and better. Just buy it.

    Bob Bevard Bob Bevard & Associates - The Speaker with Solutions
  • Great Book for Job Seekers

    I loved how easy to read this was, it didn’t try to over complicate the topics. The advice in the book is excellent and some of it I had never thought about or realized how important it was to do certain things, such as having an online portfolio, how to create a business card that will stand out. I truly feel like this book is one I will go back to again and again.

    Gabriella Franklin Resource Procurement Manager at THRU Project
  • Why wasn’t this published 30 ago, when I started and, a decade later, changed my career?” The difference Brand You would have made can be summed up in one phrase: A life changer!

    Carla Schworer MBA Disaster Relief Specialist at FEMA
  • This book is the single most important book to use if you want to succeed in marketing. I already made an impression with a future employer with the instructions given by the book on just the business card section.

    Jill Rumbo Marketing Major, President AMA Texas A&M University, San Antonio
  • Let me begin by saying the negotiation section alone is worth the price of the book. If I had known and used the information in this section I would have made significantly more money throughout my career.

    LeaRae Keyes Executive Director at Nurse Entrepreneur Network
  • I was impressed by reading this book. It doesn’t just state what you need to do but how to do it down to the fine details. I loved how Diane shares creative ideas relevant to today’s job world. For the price, this book is a steal. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s starting or growing in their career.

    Alex Rivera Product Manager, USAA
  • A complete guide for landing that dream job — Perfect for millennials and old timers alike!
    I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone in search of a job, currently employed, or to just about anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of the job market at large. Decades of wisdom by the author, a marketing genius, have led to this book.

    Miguel Castriciones Attorney, Manilla, Philippines
  • Wow. This is a career changer. I’ve been in the workforce for 30 years, and I thought I was current, but I didn’t know 95% of this stuff… And it’s really good stuff!

    Victor Arnold Principal Consultant Arnold Market Research and Development (AMRD)
  • This book brought me out of the job search and career dark ages! As a marketer, I thought I knew how to market everything. I learned the benefits of my personal on-line presence, how to step back and view “Me” objectively, and prioritize elements for the job I want. Written for fresh college grads, it speaks to every person who cares about their career.

    Career Bible
  • If you want to have an excellent chance at being hired, buy and read this book and take her advice seriously. As a retired hiring authority, I can tell you that the information Diane shares in her book is invaluable.

    Barbara Hickman, Ph.D. Retired Public and Private School Principal
  • his comprehensive guide (or should I say “personal program”) provides everything to know to jump-start a new career, or move an established career forward. It’s an easy and enjoyable (dare I say “fun”) read, but most importantly, it’s empowering and motivating!

    Brad Amazon Reader
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