Diane Huth Bio and Credentials

I’m Diane Huth.  I’m a Branding and Marketing expert.

I teach Marketing at 2 different universities.

And I’m an Accidental Career Coach.

I’ve worked in brand marketing for what seems like forever – more than 30 years!  My career spanned 20 years in top-level marketing slots at a wide range of household-name companies including Johnson & Johnson, Frito-Lay/Sabritas, Carnation Nestlé, CBS and Mission Foods.

I’ve spent more than 10 years with entrepreneurial and start up firms.  I am currently Chief Marketing Officer of Biovideo, and in my spare time, I teach Marketing Management, Branding and International Marketing at 2 different universities in Texas.

Throughout my career, I’ve reviewed thousands of resumes, interviewed hundreds of job candidates, and hired dozens of employees.  I’ve trained and mentored more than 30 interns – and am still in touch with many of them today.

I wrote my new book –  BRAND YOU! To Land Your Dream Job – to teach my students – and job seekers of all ages – all the secrets to job hunting success.  It’s got 33 chapters chock full of tips and techniques, valuable insights, behind the scenes know-how, and scripts to use to find the right job, get the interview, and wow your followers to land their new jobs.

Based upon feedback and demand,  I am now writing my NEXT book, with the working title of Re-BRAND YOU to Re-INVENT Your Career.  It addresses what seems like the impossible task that Baby Boomers face when they try to get a job in corporate America.  I plan to publish this book by October of this year, and I look forward to talking with you and your followers about this hot topic also!

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