How I Became The Accidental Career Coach


A Step-by-Step Guide To Find A Great Job, Get Hired & Jumpstart You Career

I’ve worked in branding and marketing for more than 30 years, with leading household name companies including the ones shown here. I’ve launched dozens of new products, created award-winning advertising, and created wildly creative marketing programs.

In the process, I’ve hired dozens of employees and mentored more than 30 interns.

2 years ago I started teaching marketing to graduating seniors who were studying business and marketing at 2 very different universities in Texas.

I was stunned to learn how unprepared they were for their upcoming job search. These bright young students had just spent 4 years, and often $100,000 or more on college tuition, and they had absolutely no idea how to find a job when they graduated in a couple of months.

They didn’t understand the dynamics of a job interview, nor how to ferret out the unlisted jobs that go to people in the know without ever being posted on a job board. And none of them knew how to find and meet the people who would hire them. They simply didn’t have a clue.

Because I had taught marketing classes at very different universities, I realized lack of preparation wasn’t unique to one particular school; it was the same across the board. That’s why 80% of college students don’t have a job when they graduate!

My students were smart, personable and motivated. But they didn’t know how to write a persuasive résumé, prepare a memorable business card, police their social media pages, create a LinkedIn page, or find a mentor. Nor did they know how to network at professional events, and most had never attended professional trade associations where their future employers congregate. They didn’t know how to give an elevator pitch, write a cover letter, or ace an interview. And few were prepared to dress for a successful business meeting or interview.

My job was to teach them all about marketing, right? So I wrote this book to teach them how to use all the marketing and branding skills they were learning in class to market their most important product — themselves!

Now all this knowledge and insights are available to help you – regardless of your age or career stage – find and land YOUR dream job – FAST!

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