I’m Diane Huth, and I’m the Accidental Career Coach

My  mission is to help you find and land your dream job.

Today, many people find that a daunting task.  It’s definitely not easy.  But with the right help and insight, you can achieve your goals, and get hired into a great job – fast!

The job search process has become incredibly competitive – and unless you know the insiders’ secrets, you don’t have a chance of penetrating the barriers to success.

And I want to share those insights and insider secrets with YOU so you can be the most sought-after candidate – one that recruiters chase – instead of you always having to apply for a job, competing with hundreds of other candidates.

During my journey of more than 30 years in Corporate America, working for some of the greatest marketing companies in the world, I have discovered the personal branding secrets that will make you stand heads and shoulders above other job candidates.

And I’ve packed all that experience recruiting, interviewing, hiring and mentoring  hundreds of employees into my Amazon best-selling book, BRAND YOU! To Land Your Dream Job .

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the whole process of positioning yourself as the one best candidate to be selected over all others competing for your same job – so that YOU can be the one selected for the interview, and then the job.

And it’s structured so you can start TODAY – and quickly progress in a clear-cut path to build your personal brand as the one best person for that great job.

And to make it easier for you, I’d like to give you a paperback copy of that book – FREE.  I’ll ship you my best-selling career guide  – I just ask you to pay the shipping and handling.  Just click here to find out more about this great offer – and how it can change your life.

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I’m Diane Huth.

I’m a marketing and branding expert. I’m a professor of marketing at 2 different universities.

And I’m an accidental career coach. I teach job hunters like you how to find and land your dream job – fast!

The secret to job hunting success is to recognize that YOU are a BRAND. And you need to establish yourself as the best most desirable brand available.

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5 Ways We Can Help You On Your Road to Success

I have worked in marketing and branding for more than 30 years with household name companies like Johnson & Johnson, CBS, Nestle and Frito-Lay. When I started teaching marketing at 2 different universities, I was shocked to learn that schools don’t really teach the most important secrets to becoming successful – including how to find a great job.

I wrote this book to teach my students – and everyone with ambition – how to find a great job, get hired fast, and jumpstart their careers. It isis a step-by-step branding guide for your job search. It is available in Kindle, paperback and workbook format, in English and Spanish. A series of shorter single-topic e-books are also available for specific job search topics.

Once the book was launched, we realized that a book format doesn’t have the space for all the examples, templates and tools you need, so we launched this website with more needed tools and a listing of valuable resources.

Since our launch in 2016, we’ve brought in coaches, writers, HR experts, programmers and other pros to support our clients. Our team will help manage your job search confidently and affordably.

Job hunting is increasingly complex and my readers and seminar attendees wanted more information and greater support. So we’ve opened an on-line store where you can find all the help you need, group workshops, one to one coaching, job search kits and more.

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